Creative Sprint

Knowing a challenge, a bottleneck, or a problem is a great start to innovation. So is having a vision. But how do you take the next step? It is too early to plan and dive into execution. You want to test your ideas, hone and fine-tune them, discover new ones and get more input. A brainstorm would help: bouncing your ideas off some fresh, creative, and expert minds. Well: The Energizers, our global community of energy, climate and resource movers and planners are ready to help.

Innovation Radar

The global energy transition is creating an exciting new world: full of ideas, surprising business models, new champions, and technologies. Innovations often come from a combination of local business model entrepreneurs who really understand the challenges of local markets and global technology and finance entrepreneurs who understand how to adapt and plug-in existing resources to service new markets. We have them covered: from the finance centres of London or New York, to the villages of East Africa, from the Alpine technology leader to the spirited regulator in India.

Quick Market Take

You have a new business model or a proven technology that you want to expand into a new market? Great. But before you get into the depths of strategy and planning, why not check your idea with our local market experts first?


Deep Market Access

Energy markets around the world work in very different ways. What works in one might not work in another. Knowing the rules and regulations is can be a challenge, especially in developing markets. And even, if you know them, you wonder: are they applied? Can they be trusted? Can one build a business case on them? Additionally, you might want to know the key market trends and sizes of specific market segments, or the main competitors and their business models, or the best ways to reach your customer. The Energizers, with their deep local market knowledge, can help you understand a specific market in the depth you require.

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